Mesohemp, a cosmetic containing hemp seed oil, launched in the US

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SEOUL, South Korea – With hemp seed oil as the main ingredient, Koru Pharmaceuticals launched a new professional cosmetic line, Mesohemp.

The firm’s latest brand, Mesohemp, is a skincare range that contains a native Korean species of hemp called green hemp – a hybrid of imported cannabis from the Netherlands and Korean hemp.

All Mesohemp products contain Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil) which has several benefits including 460 types of essential fatty acids, including Omega 3, 6, 9, anti-aging effects, anti-inflammatory qualities, prevention of skin problems from stress, and natural antioxidants.

Hemp has anti-inflammatory effects, and helps cure acne, and reduces skin problems related to stress. Strictly concentrates on the cells that cause skin problems, therefore effectively calming down sensitive skin. Contains 460 natural substances including Omega 3, 6, 9. Helps skin stay hydrated and produces lipids, which may help ease side effects of psoriasis which is itchiness, and is also helpful for atopic skin types. Antioxidants help prevent water and oil loss, ultimately preventing wrinkles (anti-effects).

Koru Pharmaceuticals developed Mesohemp as a response to the tremendous progress of the CBD and hemp beauty market. Currently, the range consists of eight products, including a sunblock, facial sheet mask, multipurpose cream, and Facial oil.

Based in Seoul, Koru Pharmaceuticals specialises in anti-aging medical aesthetic and skin rejuvenation products. Its portfolio includes fillers, bio-revitalisation, and mesotherapy products, masks, threads, and lipolytic. The company is deeply committed to providing innovative cosmetology solutions with high standards of safety and efficacy.

Koru Pharmaceuticals won the “Bio Grand Prize” in the “Medical Device” category at the 2021 7th Korea Good Company Awards in South Korea.

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