LePow Extracts Debuts New Edibles Made with its Rick Simpson Oil

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DENVER – LePow Extracts has announced an exciting pairing of cannabis edibles: Sour Crunch Gummy Bites and Pour Up syrups. Made using their famously high-quality RSO, these infused edibles are one of the most highly-anticipated new products to arrive on the Colorado cannabis market this year.

So, what has consumers and cannabis retailers alike so excited about LePow Extracts’ new edibles? The not-so-secret formulation features a star ingredient: LePow Extract’s, triple-filtered Rick Simpson Oil. This RSO underwent a dedicated development process that lasted several years and is continuously improving to maintain the highest level of perfection possible.

First, the process begins with LePow’s own indoor-grown organic cannabis flower. The extraction process relies on a food-grade, 200-proof and kosher ethanol to obtain the cannabinoid-rich oil. Then, LePow Extracts goes above and beyond industry standards by triple-filtering every batch of Rick Simpson Oil. As a result, the final product is free from fat, wax, sediment, and plant material that can negatively impact potency. The final step is decarboxylation, eliminating unwanted spores, and activating THC and other cannabinoids for oral consumption.

When the process is complete, LePow Extract’s iconic Rick Simpson Oil is tested by third-party laboratories to ensure quality, safety, and purity. Then, it’s finally ready for sale – or for use in the brand’s series of premium edibles:

In 2020, our team launched LePow Extracts’ line of edibles, which are infused with our highly regarded RSO. These edibles contain the cannabinoids and terpenes that make RSO special.

The Sour Crunch Gummy Bites and Pour Up syrups put a delicious spin on the properties of Rick Simpson Oil, appealing to both medical and recreational consumers. Medical marijuana patients can shop the new RSO-infused products in 250, 500, and 1000 mg packages, while recreational consumers can purchase 100mg packages.

It’s not just the cannabis content that’s being held to the high standard either; LePow Extracts has partnered with professional pastry chef Matt Augustine to craft fantastically flavorful edibles that consumers will surely enjoy.

The blue raspberry gummy base of the Sour Crunch Gummy Bites is a chewy, sweet complement to the crunch, sour coating. Each bite wows the taste buds with sweet and sour flavors, highlighted by the addition of multiple textures. The Pour Up infused syrups are available in flavors such as tropical punch, grape, cherry cola, bubblegum, and spun sugar, making for an ideal mix-in for beverages made at home. Both products are gluten-free and designed to make dosing easy, convenient, and fuss-free.

Looking to the future, LePow Extracts has plenty of big plans on the horizon. Fans of the brand can look forward to a steady supply of new product debuts, each one created with the very best in cannabis-conscious expertise. LePow Extracts strives for worldwide distribution of their products, which would represent a major milestone in their mission to expand medical-grade product access to all adults.

Consumers can contact their local dispensary to request LePow Extracts products, and dispensaries can directly connect with the brand for wholesale inquiries.

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