LePow Extracts Debuts New Cereal Killaz Chocolate Bars, Premium Edibles Infused with Full-Spectrum RSO

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DENVER, Oct. 13, 2022  LePow Extracts is adding a new product to its collection. The Cereal Killaz edibles set features three mini chocolate bars infused with full-spectrum RSO and studded with sweet, crunchy cereal pieces. The new LePow edibles are a deliciously convenient option for consumers interested in enjoying all of the benefits of full-spectrum extract in a new, user-friendly form.

The star ingredient of the Cereal Killaz chocolate bars is full-spectrum RSO, a high-end cannabis extract made from indoor-grown organic cannabis flower the LePow team cultivates and harvests themselves. Formulated over the course of eight years, LePow RSO is extracted using food-grade ethanol and industry practices. It is triple-filtered after extraction, ensuring a pure, clean product for use in the Cereal Killaz edibles.

In addition to RSO, LePow’s Cereal Killaz bars are also infused with a precise amount of distillate. As a result, the edibles can offer the desired levels of THC content to suit the needs of recreational consumers and medical marijuana patients alike. The combination of full-spectrum RSO and distillate delivers an outstanding blend of terpenes and cannabinoids with none of the bitter taste often associated with THC-rich, full-spectrum products.

All three varieties of the Cereal Killaz bars are crafted by professional chocolatiers using Valrhona chocolate, a premier French chocolate brand favored by pastry chefs and chocolatiers around the globe. Every Cereal Killaz bar is made entirely by hand, with the only machine involved being the on-site tempering machine. The small-batch production method produces just 200 units per batch. And because the chocolate has been expertly tempered, no refrigeration is required – making the edibles ideal for taking on the go.

Designed to offer the experience of a “chocolate tasting flight,” the Cereal Killaz set includes three flavors: “Cinnamon Crazy” (63% bittersweet dark chocolate with cinnamon crunch cereal pieces), “Cocoa Loco” (milk chocolate topped with crispy cocoa cereal flakes), and “Berry Insane” (a pink-hued white chocolate sprinkled with fruity cereal flakes). It’s all of the nostalgia of childhood cereal favorites but with an adults-only twist.

Among the many benefits of the Cereal Killaz bars is the ease with which consumers can control their optimal dosage. The medical marijuana mini chocolate bars each contain 250 milligrams of THC, which can be broken up into 12.5-milligram squares. The recreational versions have 33.33 milligrams of THC per bar, divided into 1.6-milligram squares. Depending on their specific goals and desired experience, a consumer can choose to eat just a single square, several squares, or even an entire row.

Cereal Killaz edibles from LePow Extracts can be found at medical marijuana and recreational dispensaries in Colorado. For a complete list of dispensary locations that carry Cereal Killaz.

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