Cilicon Introduces the First Cannabis Disposable Vape Pen – GLIST Bar1 with Reoregin™ Ceramic Heating Technology that Offers an Unprecedentedly Natural Taste and Portable Product Design

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CILICON, a technology company in cannabis vaporizers, has introduced its first cannabis disposable vape pen using its latest Reoregin™ ceramic heating technology. The GLIST Bar1 offers individuals and organizations a new and natural vaping experience, and a new product line for cannabis vaping. The GLIST Bar1 is designed with a discreet V-shaped oil chamber that saves every drop of precious cannabis oil, a precise snap-in mouthpiece structure that is easy to assemble manually, and an unconventional polyhedron device body that minimizes the risk of rolling and falling. The GLIST Bar1 is a small-volume disposable vape pen, available in both 0.5mL and 1mL oil chambers, and offers a convenient way to consume and process cannabis.

The GLIST Bar1 features the innovative Reoregin™ ceramic heating system, which delivers the most original and explosive vaping experience by discovering every scent molecule in the cannabis oil. The ceramic heating system has a larger ceramic porosity that absorbs sufficient cannabis oil in the shortest time, increasing porosity by almost 5%, and a 2.0×2.8 mm hollow cuboid in the middle of the ceramic fully inset with a larger mesh heating coil that maximizes the actual heating area and reduces air blocking issues in the vaporizing channel – superior efficiency of heat utilization. By combining the larger porosity and mesh heating coil, Cilicon successfully adjusts the heating temperature on the ceramic to the perfect level, decreasing by 30%, which is incredibly beneficial for recovering the intense potency and natural flavor of the preserved cannabis oil.

The GLIST Bar1 is designed for advanced simplicity for processing and consuming. The device body and snap-in mouthpiece are designed for ease of use and portability. The lightweight device body is 19.2 grams, available in two specifications: 0.5 mL – 12.6012.60102.1mm and 1 mL – 12.6012.60112.90mm. The polyhedron product design in superior texture is a brilliant innovation that differs from other traditional pen-like vapes and minimizes the risk of rolling and falling. The V-shaped oil chamber at the bottom supported by the principle of gravity discreetly helps to use up every drop of the preserved cannabis concentrate without extra add-ons or weight. The precision snap-in mouthpiece structure allows for easy assembly and the tactile feedback helps to eliminate assembly pressure.

With Cilicon’s ongoing mission to lead innovation in the cannabis industry, the GLIST Bar1 is a pioneer in cannabis vaping products by adopting Reoregin™ ceramic heating technology. Based on its multi-faceted design in both internal structure and product outlook, the GLIST Bar1 delivers the most original flavor, beast-like clouds, and a more convenient product design for processing and consuming.


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