CannabCo Reveals 41% Odourless Cannabis™ Dry Flower Strain

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BRAMPTON, ON – CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. (CannabCo), a Canadian company located in Brampton, Ontario,announced a milestone achievement with the testing of one of the industry’s most potent cannabis strains at 41% total quantifiable cannabinoid content. The strain features a lab tested cannabinoid count of 40.59% with a THC rating of 35%. The main distinguishing feature of the strain, other than its high THC content, is that it was created with Purecann™, CannabCo’s proprietary Odourless Cannabis™ technology.

The deployment of Purecann™ makes the product virtually odourless when smoked or stored allowing for a reduced impact on others sensitive to the pungent odour of cannabis.  This is an industry first and a product the company claims is sorely needed in the marketplace.

The company has developed and tested multiple Purecann™ strains ranging from under .3% for the smoke-able hemp market, with numerous strains in the 20-32% range, culminating to the highest THC range currently at 35%.

Currently the highest THC dry flower in the Ontario Cannabis Store lists at a maximum of 32% THC.  Mark Pellicane, CannabCo’s CEO, thinks they can do better.  “We are always pushing the limits with our technologies” said Pellicane, “With the demand for high THC strains, it made sense to target the same in odourless variants and our result is one of the highest THC strains produced to date”.  Pellicane also stated that the company has multiple strains in the high 30’s in the works, as well as market specific strains with targeted THC levels and cannabinoid profiles for specific markets and effects.

“We’ve taken the time during the COVID-19 pandemic to developed products suitable for multiple target markets” said Mark Novak, the company’s COO.  “For example, Israel currently has a THC cap on dry bud, so we’ve developed products specific to the 20-25% range in order to maximize consumer uptake for that specific medical and pending recreational markets”. The company has been approached for Purecann™ deployment in multiple markets such as the USA, EU, IsraelAustralia, and South America.

The company intends to continue to develop innovative and first to market products, with its undisclosed technology and grow partner.  CannabCo maintains full ownership and rights to Purecann™ and the odourless cannabis™ technology.

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