BESO Wellness Launches CBD-Powered Line of Topical Therapeutics Used to Manage Pain by NBA, NFL, MMA Athletes and VIPs

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LOS ANGELES – Created by massage therapist and former NBA wife, Megan Blackwell, whose celebrity clientele includes some of the most active professional athletes on the sports scene and celebrities in the entertainment industry suffering from chronic pain, the much-talked about CBD-powered BESO Wellness comes to market this month. The line, born in Los Angeles through Blackwell’s private practice, is becoming a national brand based on an overwhelming push from her celebrity clients to make the products available commercially and to a wider audience. BESO Wellness has launched three SKU’s which are available direct to consumers at, distributed through Kali Botanicals, in various dispensaries in the state of California, on and at

What’s unique about BESO Wellness is that the formulations feature some of the most powerful CBD, CBD/THC and Hemp ratios on the market with superlative anti-inflammatory ingredients and emollients chosen for their healing reputations from myriad of clinical research, global and spiritual traditions. The fragrance is clean, exotic and evokes sense memories of pan-spiritual significance. There are 7 SKUs in total:

Designed for deeply penetrating soft tissue therapy, the rich and moisturizing BESO Body Whip ($60.00) comes in a CBD/THC ratio (3:1 ratio), CBD-only and hemp-only and and is paired with African shea butter, kukui, grapeseed, tea tree, black seed, turmeric, lavender, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, and mustard seed oils.

The lighter BESO Body Milk ($60.00) can also be used as a high-performing daily facial moisturizer and is designed to therapeutically soothe and smooth with a CBD/THC 2:1 ratio, a CBD and Hemp-only formulation. The quickly absorbing milk features white shea butter, kukui, grapeseed, tea tree, black seed, turmeric, lavender, frankincense, myrrh, mustard seed oil and Vitamin E.

The BESO Hair Cocktail ($60.00) also comes in a 1:1 ratio CBD/THC formula, CBD-only and Hemp-only formulation; it was created to provide relief for common hair-related conditions ranging from dandruff, dryness, chemical damage to itchy scalp, alopecia, and is a particularly nourishing beard treatment.

“I have lived all over the world which sparked a deep interest in healing and study of many spiritual traditions,” said BESO Wellness Founder, Megan Blackwell. “Black seed oil has been used in the Middle East for centuries as an alternative medicine to hundreds of diseases and talked about by Muhammad to ‘heal every disease except death.’ The mustard seed is a legendary antioxidant and has been used to relieve muscle pain. In India mustard seed oil is used to promote hair growth and mustard plaster poultice has been used in folk cultures globally to reduce chronic aches. Frankincense and myrrh are used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. In a clinical trial journaled by the National Institutes of Health, the two have been combined as drug pairs in the same prescription for thousands of years, and the combination creates a new chemical composition with pharmacological effects that include anti-inflammation, ‘synergistic anticancer, synergistic analgesic, synergistic antibacterial and synergistic blood-activation’. These, combined with the powerfully healing properties of cannabis have provided incredible effects for my clients and for me as a practitioner. It is my hope that the emergence of this line will continue this good work for the many who suffer from chronic pain.”

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